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Market Basket Data

Market Basket provides access to anonymous quote data obtained through our rating services and will help you identify new business and marketing opportunities, guide product development, and more.

Download the quote data from the Market Basket web interface in SQL or text format on a monthly basis with weekly updates available so you can manipulate the data according to your specific needs. No personal data will be provided as we take privacy and security seriously.

Market Basket Includes

  • Specify date for export files
  • Identify which state‚Äôs date to download
  • Choose the export format
  • Password protect ZIP files
  • Access help links
  • Store your history of exports
  • Use your TurboRater name and password
Market Basket with TurboAnalysis is the most advanced, most powerful analytical tool in the industry today. To get learn more about how ITC's Market Basket data can help your company, contact us at carriers@getitc.com.
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