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At ITC we have dedicated ourselves to helping make the lives of insurance agents easier. There are many SEO firms outside the insurance industry to choose from when optimizing your website. But, they will have to spend valuable time researching and learning about insurance in order to get started. By choosing ITC you can save money and time by skipping that step as we already understand the complexity and details of the independent insurance agency.

Our SEO services work to position your insurance agency in the top search engine results so the traffic to your website increases and you receive more quality leads. Our search engine coordinators use a combination of techniques like social network posts, keyword analysis and content writing to increase your rankings in search engine results. Our goal is to obtain maximum exposure for you in your target market, which increases sales and customers.

The SEO Process

SEO is not something that is done once and always works. Because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, SEO must be an ongoing process in order to be effective. Below is a brief outline of ITC’s ASEO process. The implementation of this process can change based on a few significant variables. But this outline will give you a basic understanding of our process.


One hour consultation with your dedicated SEO coordinator to discuss the ASEO process and goals.


This will determine your website’s current ranking among competitors and provide a point of comparison throughout the process.

Keyword Research

ITC will perform a complete analysis of keywords to target, including META tags and your competitors’ keywords.

On-site Optimization

ITC will optimize your website with a sitemap and update the HTML code with pertinent META data, as well as optimize website content, so search engines will understand and index the content correctly.

Off-site Execution

This step is the process of building backlinks to your website, including submitting your website to directories, pay-per-click advertising and press releases.

Issue-based Optimization

The process of creating landing pages for specific lines of business or special promotions.


ITC will provide you with a comprehensive monthly report with SEO feedback that will help manage and adjust the ongoing SEO strategy to improve results.


The most important part of SEO is content because search engines are focused on sending users to websites that offer the most relevant information based on their searches. ITC’s professional writers will provide you with premium website content optimized for your keywords.

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