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Security Update: Windows Vista and InsurancePro
June 21, 2017
We are making a change to InsurancePro that will affect users' access. Starting July 1, 2017, any InsurancePro user that uses a Windows Vista-operated computer or laptop will no longer be able to access InsurancePro. Why Access is Ending Read More

Don’t Hit Pause On Your Search Visibility Efforts

Your search visibility efforts are paying off. Your insurance website is showing up on the first page of results for relevant searches. And your website traffic and leads are increasing. All that time and effort you’ve spent to get here has been well worth it. Read More

Operation Agency Success: Answering the Mobile Website Design Debate
June 20, 2017
  ITC President Laird Rixford answers the number one insurance website design question we get... Should my insurance agency website be adaptive or responsive?   Related Articles Adaptive vs Responsive Mobile Websites in Insurance, a Research Report Read More

Basics for Writing a Guest Blog
June 19, 2017
Congratulations! You’ve gotten a chance to write a guest blog post for another business’ website. That’s great news because guest blogging is one way to get backlinks for your insurance website. With a guest blog you’ll be able to flex your expertise. Read More

Masters of Marketing - Read Me: How to Get Your Recipients to Actually Read Your Emails
June 15, 2017
In the June 2017 edition of Masters of Marketing, AgencyBuzz Product Manager Heather Cherry discussed how to get your agency's emails opened and read.  If you missed the presentation, view the recording here or click through the slides below.  Read More

Our Biggest Agency Marketing Pet Peeves
June 14, 2017
Pet peeves are like noses. Everyone has them, and they’re all different.  We’ve seen a lot of insurance websites here at ITC. Folks come to us with websites of all shapes and sizes. We get to work with a variety of insurance agencies across the country. Read More

This is the Way: Christine Mason
June 13, 2017
For Christine Mason, it’s all about relationships. Christine’s energy and passion for the industry is clear in conversation. Her favorite thing about insurance? “It’s like a small family. We all know each other.” Read More

If You Want Your Agency to Succeed, Eat More Donuts
June 12, 2017
I like donuts. Most people do. In fact, there are over 900 donut shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So, I know I'm not alone loving the sugary breakfast treat.   There are more insurance agents than donut shops in DFW. Read More

Small Business. Small Changes. Big Impact.
June 7, 2017
One of the biggest things I hear from our customers is they lack the time it takes to update their insurance website.  I’m here to tell you, despite popular belief, there are enough hours in the day.  Read More

Operation Agency Success: Insurtech and Insurance Agents
June 6, 2017
  There's been a lot of buzz about insurtech and the effect these startups can and are having on the insurance industry. ITC President Laird Rixford talks about this movement and what you can do to stay relevant and compete in this changing landscape. Read More

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