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At A Glance: What Your Website Says About Your Business
April 24, 2017
Many things factor into first impressions of an insurance website. Your logo, colors, layout, images and popups either impress or disappoint visitors. So often these factors get tackled separately. People try to master one at a time. Read More

Overworked & Underappreciated: Making Use of Your Website
February 8, 2017
Let’s imagine for a second your insurance website is an employee, not a hunk of technology.  As an employee, it deserves to function to the best of its ability. And, as your needs change over time, its role can change too.  Read More

Teach Your Old Insurance Website New Tricks
October 31, 2016
No matter how good your insurance website design, times will change. Design trends will evolve. With time, your website will get stale.  You don’t have to do a total redesign. Just breathe some new life into your website.  Read More

When You Don't Want to Write: Creating Content that Matters
August 15, 2016
Let me start with your daily reminder: content is important. Especially if you want your insurance website to succeed.  Everyone can’t be a journalism major. If you’re years removed from having to write term papers, writing might seem intimidating. Read More

Give Your Insurance Website a Boost Past the Competition
May 4, 2016
The vast majority of today’s consumers look for products and services online. Due to this demand, it’s almost unheard of for a business to not have a website.  You are not an exception. Insurance agencies need a website. Read More

3 Reasons Insurance Website Content Doesn’t Matter
February 10, 2016
If you clicked to read this blog because of the title, then I’ve already proven my point. No beating around the bush. Content is important.  Insurance website design is important. It improves readability. It guides your visitors around your website. Read More

Year End Insurance Website Wind Down
November 11, 2015
As the end of the year approaches, your website has seen some wear and tear. Now is a good time to check your insurance agency website so you head into the New Year with fewer worries.  Read More

Avoiding Common Insurance Website Pet Peeves
August 19, 2015
We’ve all been there—clicking on a link with anticipation, only to be let down by what loads onto your screen because the website is subpar. In some ways, your insurance agency website is your agency’s first impression to prospective clients. Read More

Easy Tweaks to Freshen Up Your Website
May 4, 2015
Spring is here. So, it’s a good time to do a little spring cleaning and freshen up your insurance agency website. With a little elbow grease and a few small changes here and there, you can get your website is in tip-top shape so it doesn’t become stale. Read More

Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization
January 19, 2015
Whether your agency is just starting out or is well established, you will face competition. No matter how pretty your insurance agency website is, you will face competition. Especially in the search engine results. Consumers are starting their shopping online. Read More

4 Tips for Writing Clear Content for Your Insurance Website
October 24, 2014
First, let’s agree content is important. You only need to look at the changes Google has made to their search algorithm to see how important content is to the success of a website. Read More

Navigating Your Insurance Website: Organization = Better Usability
July 21, 2014
Website navigation menus are one of those website elements people only notice when done poorly. Don’t drive visitors to your insurance agency website only for them to stumble around and leave out of frustration. Read More

Putting Your Best Foot-er Forward: Completing the User Experience
April 15, 2014
Doing a quick search for web design inspirations and ideas, a common theme quickly becomes apparent. Every screenshot focuses on website headers. Naturally, I started to look for something to set all these designs apart. Read More

Avoiding Information Overload: The Art of Being a Lazy Marketer
January 16, 2014
If you’re looking for a few of the key points on marketing your business, you’ve come to the right place. This post may seem long, but it’s summarizing 6 years of information. So this is still the lazy version, I promise. Read More

Succeeding on Social Media: Separating Expectations and Realities
October 17, 2013
It’s natural to want to socialize. For some, it’s a way of life, while a guilty pleasure for others. Social media has grown and is now affecting marketing strategies for businesses everywhere. Read More

Writing for the Web
June 11, 2013
Once again, we visit the idea of content for your website. It’s important. Some would say it’s king. There are plenty of tips, tricks, and guidelines when it comes to getting ideas for content, making a schedule, and implementing changes to different types of content. Read More

Simple Content Changes to Help Boost SEO Efforts
May 10, 2013
We’ve said it over and over again; when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Content is King. While there are many different arguments and opinions for what plays the largest role in a quest for SEO reign, content simply cannot be ignored. Read More

Tips for Jump-Starting Your Website
November 14, 2012
Most of the time, success of a website is focused on Search Engine Optimization efforts. There’s plenty of tips and tricks for SEO that are constantly changing and being updated. But every once in a while, you should feel free to switch gears and just focus on having a website. Read More

10 Common Mistakes that are Hurting your SEO
October 23, 2012
Search engine optimization can be overwhelming and confusing. There are a few key tips to always remember when optimizing your site, but there are also a few key things to always watch out for. Make sure you’re not letting your hard work be undone by any of these common mistakes. Read More

Easy List of How to Fully Benefit from Your Website
October 16, 2012
Site Title & Description This is what search engines read and display, so make it concise, but descriptive. (For example, ‘Auto, Home, Life Insurance – Dallas, Plano, Richardson TX’ for the title and ‘Example... Read More

Masters of Marketing: Blogging Consistently
July 26, 2012
Our Masters of Marketing webinar discussing tips for blogging consistently, using a content calendar, so that you can develop customer loyalty and satisfy the need for fresh and relevant content on your website. Read More

After You Blog
July 18, 2012
Even though we stress the importance of blogging, it's still important to remember that your work is not over once you click 'Publish'. This lovely infogrpahic checklist will come in handy to remember a few key tips like Optimizing Your Post, U... Read More

Masters of Marketing: Social Media & Gaining Followers
June 21, 2012
Here's another presentation in  our Masters of Marketing webinar. This presentation discusses how to use social media marketing to gain followers for your brand. If you would like to join us every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. Read More

Google Tip # 7935426
May 18, 2012
Another tip that Google doesn't want you to know...Happy Friday! Read More

Tip of the Iceberg
May 11, 2012
This is your Fun Friday posting, but it's actually a very honest depiction.Be sure you let this one sink in! Read More

Secret to Success
May 4, 2012
Here's a little tip that Google probably doesn't want you to know...Happy Friday! Read More

Let's Talk Expiration Dates
May 3, 2012
You've heard it time and time again. Content is King. To show how your content is a reflection of your site to Google, let's consider expiration dates. Somewhere, either sitting in your refrigerator, on your kitchen counter, Read More

Friday the 13th
April 13, 2012
There will be a total of three Friday the 13ths this year, and they are each 13 weeks apart.And this is 2012, which is technically the 13th year.Just an fyi.Happy Friday! Read More

Grow Your Business and Have Fun
April 12, 2012
...with a Blog! In case we haven't made blogging sound fun, important, exciting, crucial, and easy enough with our previous posts,here's a short list of the top 5 reasons you should be blogging. It benefits not only you, but your business as well. Read More

What to Blog About?
April 5, 2012
Create a content calendar. In the world of business, families, school, and so many other things, people have adapted to calendars; on their phone, at their desk, on their computer, even through sticky notes on their car windshield. Read More

The Right Time to Post
March 9, 2012
It's that time of year again... Daylight Savings Time! Don't forget to set your clocks. Time springs forward on Sunday at 2 a.m. unless you're one of the lucky exceptions to the rule (you know who you are...Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Saskatchewan! Read More

Keep It Fresh
March 7, 2012
One of the biggest challenges for today’s websites is keeping Google happy and interested. It’s not that it’s difficult. It’s simply time-consuming (when done correctly) and overwhelming if you don’t have a strategy setup to guide you. Read More

From Jocks to Geeks -- Happy Friday!
March 2, 2012
Whether you were Captain of the Football Team, Class President, both, or nothing at all, there's a social media site out there that complemented your social circle. Or lack thereof. Even more so now, there's a social media site for everybody. Read More

Au Naturale...
March 1, 2012
search en·gine op·ti·mi·za·tion "SEO: the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural, un-paid, or organic search results" Back to the Basics Read More

Today is the Day
February 22, 2012
Most content is shared on Wednesday mornings.This infographic from AddThis displays just how 1.2 billion users have found a way to share 10 million ideas. Effectively.The next idea someone shares should be yours. Read More

Your Fun Friday Facts!
February 10, 2012
Be sure you check the rest of our blog entries to see how these SEO tools can be implemented on your own website. Read More

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