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Enhancements in Next InsurancePro Release

Here are the enhancements that will be included in the next release of InsurancePro, which will be available next week:
  • Ability to select vehicles and drivers to prefill forms
  • Ability to search for certificate holders
  • Ability to view emails, saved forms and saved letters from related policies
  • Ability to preview a note in the Notes/Reminders section

We have corrected or modified the following features in the next release:
  • Homeowner policies integration with AgencyBuzz
  • Violations bridge to TurboRater
  • Removed apostrophes from the AccuAuto bridge to InsurancePro, which were causing errors
  • Setup of default fees
  • Removed "no down payment" message if paid in full
  • No more error outs during a download with a long insured name
  • Custom reports
    • Total renewal premium will now display
    • Payment report results will be properly grouped
  • Monthly term policies
    • New policy will be created on renewal
    • Effective date will be properly displayed


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