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What’s in Release of InsurancePro

These are the enhancements that are included in the next release of agency management system InsurancePro (Release

Added an email address field to user profile
•Added native language drop down
•Added ability for additional lien holder information from the address field to display in ACORD forms
•Corrected the time stamp after saving an ACORD form as a PDF
•Corrected an issue where the work field was not going into letter templates
•Corrected query in batch printing so users can now query by agent
•Corrected an issue when opening ACORD forms if there were only one name
•Corrected an issue that would prevent the messageInsurancePro has detected that you may have files pending processing for downloads. from showing after a user logged in.
•Corrected an issue when emails from Scans & Documents
•Corrected an issue with processing some al3 files
•Renewal downloads now retain previously inputted email addresses for AgencyBuzz
•Renewal downloads now can be associated automatically with previous term policies
•Renewal downloads now can retain previous agent of record

We have certified the below companies for downloads. 

•Elements Property Insurance Company, NAIC code 15312 for Home 
•Southern Vanguard Insurance Company, NAIC code 10925 for Home
•Security First Florida, NAIC code 10117 for Home
•Hyundai, NAIC code 10048 for Home

For Brovada:
•First Chicago, NAIC codes 41394, 13587 for Auto 

View a complete list of companies and NAIC codes.

**UPDATED May 26, 2015**

In release, we have corrected an issue with sending and loading emails in InsurancePro.


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