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What’s in Release of InsurancePro

These are the enhancements that are included in the latest release of agency management system InsurancePro (Release

    • Added the ability to select multiple locations when user is restricted by location
    • Added the ability to search by home, cell, and work phone numbers
    • Added the name of the agent renewing the policy in the notes
    • Requirement for .NET will now be .NET 4.0
    • Took out the vehicle information from receipts
    • Corrected ACORD logo from covering text on some ACORD forms
    • Corrected issue when renaming the description of files in scans and documents
    • Changed permission description from “Allow processing Payments…” to edit/delete/void payments
    • Corrected ACORD form 50 TX 2015/05 from filling in name and address
    • Corrected some issues with processing some al3 files 

    We have certified the following companies for downloads. 

    For IVANS: 
    • Lighthouse Property Insurance Company, NAIC code 13207 for Home
    • IAT Group, NAIC codes 13234, 23248, 10906 for Auto
    • Utica First, NAIC code 15326 for Home
    • Mount Beacon Insurance Company, NAIC code 15592 for Home
    • Southern Oak, NAIC code 12247 for Home
    • Discovery Insurance Company, NAIC code 22635 for Auto
    • Nations Insurance Company, 13127 for Auto
    • Mutual of Enumclaw, NAIC codes 14761, 11232 for Auto and Home
    • Hallmark, NAIC codes 34037, 43494, 29408 for Auto and Home


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