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Customizable Page URLs for Insurance Website Builder Customers

Introducing customizable page URLs for Extra pages especially for Insurance Website Builder customers. Now when you create an Extra page on your website you can add a descriptive web address, which is very advantageous for SEO. Here are the highlights:

  1. This feature is only available for Extra pages.
  2. There are two fields to fill out, you must enter both fields in order for your page to be viewable.
  3. You can enter your own words or choose the first field from a drop down menu.
  4. You can use the handy View on Site Live link to view live web page, located beside the two fields.
  5. You are only allowed certain characters in the fields: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphens and underscores.
  6. The maximum number of characters per field is 50.
  7. The extension ".aspx" is automatically added to the page.

Here's what you need to remember to optimize for the search engines:

  1. Use insurance related keywords and geo-targets in the customized web addresses.
  2. Make sure to separate keywords by either hyphens or underscores. This will make it easier for the search engines to read.  
  3. Make sure you don't duplicate keywords. For example, this is not acceptable,
  4. Don't go crazy on the number of keywords you can add, there should be a maximum of two words per field.
  5. Make sure the web address makes sense to a visitor, that the two fields are somehow connected. For example
  6. Be careful not to duplicate existing pages URLs.


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