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How to Build a Following for your Email and Social Media

A growing number of consumers prefer electronic communication over phone calls or face-to-face. Do you know what your customers prefer? If you are not communicating with them via the methods they prefer, you customers will at some point leave you for your competition who will email instead of call or tweet instead of email.

It is no great business secret that it is easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to get a new one. Email marketing can help improve your customer retention because a good email marketing tool will help you keep in touch consistently with your customers through newsletters and other emails like renewal reminders and holiday greetings. As a bonus, email marketing is much cheaper than print newsletters or direct mail.

An automated tool like AgencyBuzz can make you more efficient because many emails such as payment and renewal reminders as well as holiday and birthday greetings only have to be set up once and are sent automatically to your customers without you having to remember or do anything.

The best way to build an email list is to start by asking your current customers for their email addresses. More than 80% of Americans have at least one email address so there is a good chance your customers do have email. You just need to ask them.

Many companies are offering discounts to customers with email addresses to cut down on paper statement costs. Let your customers know they could get an additional discount, and you will collect a higher percentage of email addresses.

Social Media

If you are active on social media, you should let your customers know and ask them to follow you. Use your email marketing to send an email to all those customers who gave you their email addresses to let them know you are on social media. Be sure to tell them what kind of information you share and why they should follow you, e.g., insurance tips or tricks, community news and events, and promotions or contests.

Building your followers on social media is a lot like building your email list. Your best audience is going to be your current customers. So start asking them to follow you when you talk to them, whether it is on the phone, in person or in an email.


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