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How to Find Time to Blog

We hear it all the time: I'm too busy to blog. If you're serious about your digital agency marketing and competing online, how can you not find the time to blog?

Blogging has so many great benefits for your website and your agency. It helps with SEO, brands you as an insurance expert and gives readers a look inside what makes your agency special and different from your competition.

The good news is that a blog post doesn't have to be a piece of literary excellence. Don't stress yourself out by trying to write your insurance manifesto. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a length of about 250 words. Sounds more doable once a week, doesn't it?

Here are some other ideas to help you find the time to blog:

Turn off distractions. This means actually turning off your phone, shutting down your email, Twitter, Facebook, etc - basically whatever is going to pop up and divert you from your writing goal. You'll be surprised how much you can get done for that 30 minutes to an hour when you stop checking email or your phone. You might even finish multiple posts in that time span!

Schedule it. Actually block off time in your calendar for blogging. You may find that the same day and time every week works best for you. Maybe it's first thing in the morning. Or you may find that varying your blogging time is better. Whichever option is going to work for you, schedule it so you don't forget, and you can make sure not to schedule anything else over it.

Change up your content. Like I mentioned earlier, you don't have to write an epic blog post each and every time you write. Creating a post of bite-sized content is perfectly acceptable. Some ideas: photos, short videos, quote a post from another blog and then offer your thoughts on it, bulleted lists, answer common customer questions.

Organize. If you wait to come up with ideas on what to blog about until you sit down to actually write the post, you may end up spending way too much of your writing time staring at a blank screen. Instead, keep a list where you write down different blog post ideas as they come to you. Then, when you start to write, you have several options to choose from, and you'll find writing much easier.

This last tip is actually my favorite tip because this is what I do so I make sure I always have something to write about each week.

What tips do you have for finding the time to blog?


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