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4 Areas to Audit on Your Insurance Website

Your website is your agency online. For some visitors it will be their first impression of your agency. For others it will be their only impression. If your website doesn't function the way it should, that first impression could be one you wish you could do over. A regular audit of your website will help you identify what areas need to be updated as well as what areas may no longer be functioning the way it should.

Here are the four areas you should review on an annual (or as often as quarterly if you can) basis to make sure your website is updated and working for you the way it should.

1. Content

When things change within your agency, like your phone number, your carriers, your employees, etc., make sure you update the content of your website to reflect these changes. Inspect each page, and take a look at not just the text on your website but the images too. Have a summer-related image on your home page? It looks out of place in February. A regular audit will clue you into these details that need to be changed so your website looks its best and is providing the correct information to visitors.

2. Page Load Time

When your website takes too long to load, visitors are not likely to wait and instead will move onto the next agency without even giving your website a glance. If you're not sure how to tell whether your website is slow to load or not, Google offers a free tool called PageSpeed Insights where you can plug in your website URL, and it will generate a report with suggestions on how to make your page load faster. If you find a problem, talk with your website provider to starting working on fixing the issue.

3. Forms

Test all the quote request, customer service and contact forms on your website. Don't lose trust or a potential customer because a form doesn't work the way it should. Make sure you test the forms both on a PC and your mobile phone.

4. Cross Browser Performance

Sure most people use Internet Explorer as their default browser, but there are still many people who prefer other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. As with any area of your website, if your website doesn't work properly or at all in a major browser, you risk losing potential business from anyone who comes across your website while using that particular browser. In addition to checking your website on different browsers, check it on your mobile phone. Having a website that works properly on a mobile is very important considering that 90% of U.S. adults have mobile phones and 50% of those phones are smartphones.


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