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Busting 3 Facebook Myths

Social media is surrounded by many myths. Facebook, the largest social network with more than 1 billion users, is no exception. Here are a few of the biggest Facebook myths.

Myth 1: Marketing on Facebook is free.

Yes, it is free in terms of money in that you don't pay to create a profile or pay to post content. It is not free in terms of time needed to make your Facebook Page a success for your agency. To have a Facebook Page that your followers engage with and is actually driving traffic and potential leads to your website, takes time and effort.

Sometimes even posting content for your followers to see isn't always free. Last fall Facebook adjusted EdgeRank, its algorithm that determines which posts appear in your follower's news feeds, so now your updates are being seen by about 15 percent or fewer of all your followers. If you want to reach more followers, you have to pay to promote your content.

Myth 2: You own your Facebook Page.

Actually, you're just renting that space on Facebook. There are rules, terms and conditions for using Facebook Business Pages. Violating any of Facebook's rules, terms or conditions mean they can shut down your Page, and they will, just like they shut down a Page for a popular blog with almost 800,000 fans because of copyright issues.

Myth 3: Your content on your Facebook Page is yours.

You should know that if your Page gets shut down, you will lose all content like videos and pictures that you posted to your Page. Instead, you might post your content to your own website and share the links on Facebook. This will keep your content on a domain that you do own as well as help drive traffic to your website.

Don't let the truth deter you from using Facebook. It can still be a valuable tool for marketing your agency and building trust and relationships with your customers online. In fact, I highly recommend that you keep using it if you are or start if you're not.

Just don't rely solely on Facebook for your online marketing. Mix it up with email marketing, other social networks, and blogging regularly, and when Facebook makes changes, as they tend to do, your marketing won't experience a serious setback.


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