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Why Your Insurance Agency Needs a Drip Campaign

email in water bubblesThere’s a new sheriff in town in the land of email marketing and it’s the drip campaign. But don’t be afraid of its unusual title.  Drip campaigns can be easy and are the best way for you to navigate your potential clients through the insurance sales cycle. 

So, What the heck is a Drip Campaign?

If you think of water when you think of drip campaigns, you’re not too far off because they are like the drip irrigation technique. Drip irrigation is used to save water and other resources. With this technique, water slowly drips down to plant roots over a period of time. 

Email marketing uses this same concept for email drip campaigns. Short, prewritten emails are set up in a single automated campaign.  The emails are then slowly sent to prospective clients over a predetermined period of time.  For insurance agencies, drip campaigns nurture leads by sending small snippets of information to prospects.

Why should I use a drip campaign?

Because everyone is doing it. Okay, not really. But everyone should be doing it and here’s why.

By dripping relevant content to your prospective clients, you are remaining at the top of their minds. With a drip campaign, you can slowly reel in your prospects through your sales cycle and prompt action without them even noticing. It’s like a Jedi mind trick for your email campaign.

By setting up an automated drip campaign, you are also able to free up valuable time and resources without neglecting your leads. Imagine what you could do with extra free time! 

Now you’re talking. So, how do I create a drip campaign?

Step One: Know who you are you trying to reach.
Before you decide on the content for your campaign, it’s important for you to think about who you are sending your emails to. Are they prospects that you are trying to turn into customers? Are they current customers that you are trying to cross-sell another line of business? Are they lost customers that you are trying to reengage? Your target audience will dictate the type of drip campaign you run and what content you push out.

Step Two: Pinpoint what you should say.
Now it’s time to craft your message and develop your messaging strategy. Develop relevant content to your audience and try to make it as engaging as possible. Remember, you are trying to get them to continue through the sales cycle. For tips on how to create engaging email content, read more here. 

Step Three: Determine the best schedule.
Like any marketing campaign, it is important that you research your audience to see when they are the most active online. Generally, emails receive a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) between 2 pm and 3 pm, but you should research your audience to chart their email habits. You can generally do this with a report pulled from your email client. 

Step Four: Send it.
You can either send out your emails manually on the days you have planned or you can use an email marketing tool like AgencyBuzz. This will help automate the drip process without you having to do any extra work.

Step Five: Look at Your Analytics.
Now that you have successfully sent out a drip campaign, you need to see if it actually worked. Use the reports within your email client to see the CTR, open rate and unsubscribe rate. These three statistics will help you determine what will work best in the future.

A Few More Tips

  • Space out your emails. When scheduling, think of your emails as subtle drops of water instead of a firehose. If you’re emailing someone every day they are going to be immediately turned off from your business.
  • Drip campaigns are more successful when they target a specific line of business and status. When you cater your messages towards a specific interest, you are reaching out to a more open and impressionable audience that is ready to take action.
  • Try pushing out research-based content. This builds your credibility within your market and establishes your role as an industry leader.

Drip campaigns are the best way to nurture your leads through email marketing. They keep you in front of your audience but in an unobtrusive way. 

Have a question about drip campaigns? Let us know in the comments section below.


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