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Top Trends for Insurance Website Design in 2017

flat illustration of webpage2017 is almost here, and with it comes new design trends. 

In 2016, parallax effects and flat design was everywhere. Material design even found a place among the hearts of many. 

These trends won’t go out of style as the clock nears midnight on December 31. But, we can also look forward to seeing new designs that focus on user experience, smart navigation, and modularity. 

User Experience

Web design is trending toward customer-centric practices and technologies. User experience (UX) reigns king. Insurance website design is no different. A great design means nothing if it lacks intuition and simplicity.  

If you bog your website down with irrelevant content, pop-ups, and java elements you’re heading back in time. Websites with good UX are fast, intuitive and attractive. Consumers want to buy insurance, not waste time.

Smart Navigation

How many times have you come across a website that was a chore to navigate? Did you even make it past the front page? Smart navigation shows up exactly when and where the user needs it. For example, Facebook and Google+ already use smart navigation. As you navigate and explore, notice how the navigation changes depending on the page you’re on. Smart navigation will help your website stand out from your competition. 

More Modularity

Look at the above paragraph again. Now, keep reading this section. 

Instead of writing about what modularity is and how you can use it, I’ll show you.


No one likes to read long blocks of text. Our attention spans are short. In 2017, they’re not going to get longer. 

We want things done now. And if not now, as close to now as possible because we cannot wait. 

By dividing content in bitesize pieces, it’s easier to digest, and your users will love you for it. 

2017 will be the year of the user. Innovations in web design will continue to focus on making the user’s life easier. Speed and ease will win. Isn’t that the whole goal of selling insurance online?


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