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#AgentCon17 Preview: Using Insurtech Trends to Maximize Traditional Agency Sales

This is a preview of a breakout session at ITC Agent Conference 2017. View the full agenda here

george robertson agent conference 2017 breakout session bannerWe think of disruptors in other industries such as Uber in transportation, Expedia in travel, and the iPod in music. All of them have had a major impact on their respective industries. 

We have heard rumblings of disruption from insurtech startups.  Some, like CoverHound, Lemonade and Insurify, have already become mainstream names. 

Others, such as Slice, Hippo, and Bold Penguin may not be familiar to the independent agent yet. But, these organizations will still impact and potentially change the industry.  

These companies are our disruptors.   

In 2015, 74 insurtech firms accounted for $2.5 billion in investments from venture capital firms. With a strong infusion of cash, insurtech startups are now releasing products and solutions that impact the insurance distribution system.  

Now, we face a new environment within the insurance industry.  Consumers want a better way to obtain a quote, secure a policy, process a claim. They want insurance providers to meet their ever changing needs. 

Join me on Thursday, April 20 at 11:00 a.m. for an in-depth conversation and analysis about these top disrupters and their potential impact on the insurance industry.  


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