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Website Activity = Relevance

tappingIt’s a simple equation. Periodic changes and activity on your website indicates relevance.

Online visitors need to up-to-date information about your agency.  But, Google also loves frequent content updates. 

Freshen Up

Search engines view a static website as a site with nothing new to offer. You aren’t doing your agency any SEO favors letting your website stagnate. 

Updated websites offer search engines sources of new information for their search requests. If you update your website often with high quality content, search engines will reward you for it. 

But, don’t make unnecessary changes every hour of every day.  A website updated a few times a week gets high marks.

How does Google know you have fresh content on your insurance agency website? 

Search engines use automated web crawlers known as a Googlebots or spiders. They are high tech programs that scan the internet for websites. 

Every time you make an update to your website, bots crawl it. Google then uses that information and rearranges your website’s ranking. 

But, don’t get too caught up with quantity of content updates. It’s also about quality of content.

Adding Content With Value

What is valuable content for an insurance website? 
Here’s my golden rule: Be the resource your customers need. 

Try to think through what your customer’s biggest problems are. Position yourself as the solution for them. Understand your customers and mold your website to fit their needs.

If you do not know what your customers are struggling with, ask. An easy way is to create a short online survey. Include it in your next newsletter or post it on social media. 

Or, poll your staff and see what the most common customer questions are. 

You’ll start to notice recurring themes or phrases. Address those in your content. If possible, use their exact phrases to target those long tail key words. This method can even lead to an increase in traffic.


It’s one of the easiest things you can do to keep your website useful for customers and search engines. Updating your insurance website content with new ideas from time to time can give you the online boost your agency needs. 



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