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ITC announces BETA version of Performance Reports in TurboRater

ITC, the leading provider of agency automation solutions, announced today the BETA launch of Performance Reports in TurboRater.  As an agency owner, knowing how your producers, lead sources, locations, and insurance companies are performing for your agency is critical to your success.  The Performance Reports will feature a complete, in-depth analysis of your agency’s quoting and binding activity so you can make educated decisions on how to grow your sales.

With the initial release of the Performance Reports, agency and location managers can easily compare and analyze the number of quotes and policies bound by each producer.  In addition to detailed quote information, each producer’s quotes can be further analyzed by reviewing the liability limits quoted compared to the agency average.  This information can quickly help agency owners identify producers that may need guidance on identifying client’s needs for higher limits.

The Performance Reports will provide visual representations such as  bar charts comparing quotes vs policies or one time frame over another (example:  January 2011 versus January 2012).

Insurance Producers Quotes vs Policies Bound

Another visual included is pie charts to demonstrate each producer's percentage of quotes and/or policies bound as compared to the agency as a whole.

Insurance Producers Performance Report Bar Chart
With the launch of the full version of Performance Reports slated for 2013, TurboRater will provide complete analytical reports to meet the needs of independent insurance agents.


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