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Are Your Producers Asking the Questions?

Tracking how a prospect learned about you is vital to any business. It enables you to know the effectiveness of your marketing dollars and where you should concentrate on spending your marketing budget the following year.

Yet, ensuring your producers and customer service representatives remain diligent in asking "How did you hear about us?" can often be a challenge. Too often producers only ask the minimal information needed to obtain a quote and forgo gathering the source of the lead. Without this information though, you are basically flying blind when planning your marketing budget for the next year.

In order to make an educated decision, you must know what is working and what isn't. To know this information requires every producer to ask every prospect every time, "How did you hear about us?"

But as with any new policy or procedure you try to implement, you must set clear expectations. "I need you to ask how they heard about us on every quote every time." Then you must hold your employees accountable to meeting your expectation by tracking their results. This is where TurboRater's new Data Quality Reports come in.

In an instant you can pull up the Data Quality Reports, which are part of our Enterprise Package. With these reports, you can quickly see which producers are asking the question and which producers are leaving the entry to the default selection.

As an example seen in the Data Quality Report below, 100% of Alice's quotes have "Community Event" as the lead source. It's pretty safe to say, Alice is not asking the pertinent question and is simply entering "Community Event" every time. Looking at Jessie and Kathryn though, it's evident these two are diligent in asking and entering the information needed. Armed with this information now the agency owner can pat Jessie and Kathryn on the back for a job well down and use them as an example for others.


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