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Developing a Newsletter Campaign

Developing a Newsletter Campaign

Sending monthly newsletters to potential and existing customers is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools agents have at their disposal.  With the investment of only a few hours a month, newsletters increase visibility, build loyalty and goodwill, and encourage contact.   

Implementing an effective Newsletter Campaign requires an email list and creating newsletters. Both can be easily accomplished with Insurance Website Builder's easy-to-use mailing list and built-in Newsletter Editor.

Creating and Maintaining a Newsletter Email List

Add a "Join our Newsletter" link to your website

Start gathering email addresses by including a "Join Our Newsletter" link on your website.  This feature can be turned on by clicking on "Account Information" in the Administration Console.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the box "Enable Newsletter" under the "Miscellaneous Settings" heading.


Importing an Existing Email List

If you currently have an existing list of email addresses, they can be imported by accessing the "Marketing Tools" in the Administration Console and clicking on "Mailing List". Under the "View Mailing List" heading, select "Import Mailing List". 


View Mailing List


You can import the recipient's name and email address or just the recipient's email address alone.  To import both names and email addresses, you will need to convert the list into a comma delimited text format, meaning a comma needs to be placed after each recipient's name.


For inputting both the name and email address.
This is a comma delimited list.

John Doe,
Jane Smith,
Joe Johnson,

For inputting just the name.



Growing Your Email List

Consistently refer people to your website to sign up for your newsletter.  This serves as a two-fold purpose.  First, by offering a service, your newsletter, you are obtaining an email address and secondly, you are encouraging your contacts to visit your website. 

Other ways to obtain email addresses can be:

  • Invite callers to subscribe to your newsletter on your on-hold messaging system.

  • Include a link to your most recent newsletter in the signature line in all outgoing emails.

  • If you write articles for other sources, be sure to include a tag line directing readers to your website to sign up for your newsletter.

To generate interest in your newsletter, be sure to upload archived issues in the Document Library so they are accessible on your website.

And be sure to always invite newsletter readers to pass the issues on to their friends and associates.

Maintain Your Email List

To be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, your newsletter emails need to include an option for the recipient to unsubscribe from your mailing list.  Newsletters emailed from Insurance Website Builder will automatically include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.  If the recipient chooses to unsubscribe, their email address will be removed from your list with no action required on your part.

Creating Newsletters

Content Ideas

Getting fresh content for a monthly newsletter isn't as difficult as most people believe.  Several websites, such as,, and provide articles that can be reprinted for newsletter content.  Many of the articles are offered at no cost.

Other ideas for possible content are:

  • Loss prevention tips and/or steps to take in the event of a loss.

  • Explain commonly used insurance terms such as Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value.

  • Educate clients about any recently passed legislation that may have an impact on them.  A great resource for this information is your local or state insurance association.

  • Profile a customer or an employee of the agency.

  • Educate customers on other services your agency may offer.

  • Solicit questions from customers/prospects and answer them in upcoming newsletters.  This is a great way to show you are an expert in your field.

  • Include testimonials.

  • Explain the importance of calling in for an annual coverage review.

  • For holidays include recipes, fun facts, or short stories about the history of the holiday.

How to Create a Newsletter in Insurance Website Builder

Access the Newsletter Editor by clicking on "Newsletters" under "Marketing Tools" in the Administration Console.  Select the mailing list you wish to send the newsletters to.  Then provide a senders email address.  This will most likely be the email address your recipient will use to respond to your agency, so be sure to include an address that is checked often.  Next, enter a subject line.

Within the Newsletter Editor window, you can create your email from scratch; use one of many templates provided; or for those that are technologically savvy, copy and paste HTML code.

To create a newsletter from scratch, you will find the Newsletter Editor window works much like a typical Microsoft Word program does.

Icons for the Newsletter Editor window

To learn about each of the icons and their function, click on the Question Mark icon for a full detailed description.

To create a professional looking newsletter quickly, try one of the many Newsletter Templates by clicking on the Newsletter Template icon icon.  Select a template and it will appear in the Newsletter Editor window.  Then just type in your own text and it's ready to be sent.

To paste in HTML code, click on the HTML icon icon on the bottom of the editor and paste your HTML code into the window.

A preview icon Preview icon is available to allow you to preview the newsletter for accuracy prior to sending it.

Newsletter campaigns are just like any other marketing campaign.  To be effective, they need to be delivered consistently.  We recommend sending a newsletter out once a month.  Consistency will bring in customer loyalty and good will.

We encourage you to go ahead and develop your Newsletter Campaign today.  Newsletters are a very cost-effective way to keep your agency's name and services in the forefront of your customer's minds.

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