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TurboRater Training Videos

TurboRater Quoting & Bridging Webinar (All Users) 22:48

This is a recording of a recent TurboRater Quoting & Bridging webinar. The webinar is intended for all new TurboRater users. You learn how to quickly get accurate quotes, then how to bridge a quote to the carrier site or your agency management system.

TurboRater Setup Webinar (Admins) 22:24

This is a recording of a recent TurboRater Setup webinar, and is intended for admins at an agency that's new to TurboRater. The webinar explains the steps that must be completed before an agency begins quoting in TurboRater.

How to Rate an Auto Policy Using the Single Screen 13:17

Watch this video for how to rate an auto policy using the single entry screen.

How to Rate an Auto Quote Using the Single Screen (CA) 11:52

Learn how to rate an auto quote using the single entry screen in TurboRater.

Como Crear una Cotizacion de Carro (How to Quote an Auto in Spanish) 18:40

Aprenda como hacer una cotizacion de carro.

Bridging From TurboRater to InsurancePro 03:11

Learn how to seamlessly bridge a quote from comparative rating system TurboRater to agency management system InsurancePro.

Creating & Using Quote Templates 06:48

Quote templates are used to pre-fill common answers into new quote applications. This makes quoting faster and more accurate. Use a template to start every new quote! Learn how to create a new template, edit an existing template, and start a new quote from a template.

TurboRater Provides Unlimited, Prefill Lookups for Texas Agents 01:11

TurboRater is now the only comparative rater to provide unlimited, free prefill lookups for its Texas agents. Unlimited, free prefill lookups is just another reason that TurboRater is the value-rich choice for Texas agents.

How to Rate a Homeowners Policy in TurboRater 08:52

Learn the process for rating a homeowners quote in TurboRater.

What is the Purpose of Company Groups? 01:34

Learn about how to set up company groups in TurboRater so different offices have their own customized set of companies.

How to Customize the Rating Application Fields in TurboRater 01:59

Learn how to customize the rating application in TurboRater. You can hide fields that don't affect the premium for your carriers, so make completing the application faster.

How to Use the Find Client Screen in TurboRater 03:51

Learn how to use the find client screen to access saved quotes in TurboRater.

Basic Reports in TurboRater 03:30

Learn about run basic reports in TurboRater.

Advanced Reports in TurboRater 04:29

Learn how to run performance reports in TurboRater so you can make better informed business decisions. Reports include producer performance, data entry quality, close ratio and quotes not bound.

How to Generate ACORD Forms in TurboRater 02:12

How to generate an ACORD form in TurboRater.

Quoting a Mexico or International License 01:21

Learn how to rate a Mexico or international license in TurboRater.

How To Mark a Policy Bound in TurboRater 02:47

Learn how to mark a policy as bound to track closing ratio in TurboRater.

Monitoring Policies Bound 03:17

Learn how to monitor number of policies bound versus quotes provided in TurboRater.

How to Set Up a New User in TurboRater 06:01

Learn how to set up a new user in TurboRater.

How to Set Up a Location in TurboRater 02:06

Learn how to set up a new agency location in TurboRater.

Ranking Companies in TurboRater 02:35

With TurboRater’s Company Ranking feature, ITC gives agencies a way to take simply comparing premiums out of rating, and put the emphasis on carrier relationships and agent expertise back in.

How to Quote a Motorcycle in TurboRater 10:31

Learn the process for rating a motorcycle quote in TurboRater.

How to Delete Saved Quotes in TurboRater 02:06

Learn how to delete saved quotes in TurboRater.

Selecting Carriers from the Quote Screen 02:05

Learn how to select which carriers to rate or not from TurboRater's quote screen.

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